Silvia Terhedebrügge, born 1987, lives and works in Berlin.
The main focus of her work lies in furniture design. After graduation from The University of Fine Arts in 2014 Silvia Terhedebrügge founded her own studio in Berlin in 2014. Her aim is to crate a harmonic collaboration between functionality and aesthetics in her products.
The curiosity for textures and material and their individual properties is central to her constant drive to create new products. A straight-line and graphical aesthetics, with playful content, combines her work. Silvia Terhedebrügge was selected by Nils Holger Moormann, designer and manufacturer, as a New Talent Designer to present her work at the blickfangselected 2013/14.

For bartmann berlin she developed the sidetable PUK. She also co-developed  the utensilo NEON and the lamp FRAME with bartmann berlin and the lounger LENZ with bartmann berlin and Hanne Willmann.